The project uses a mixture of licenses. First of all there is the closed source license of Avira. The software (WebGate / MailGate) is provided from Avira and you are allowed to test it with the included Testkey for the time, while the key is valid. You can use our firewall without Avira of course.

The Webinterface, written in Python, is licensed under the GPL or an similar license. We do not want any forks at the moment, please be so kind and join us in the discussion for further requests, changes and future devlopment. We are sure we can cooperate better then split. We have invested many months and hard work to provide this functionality.

The Binaryimage, that is downloadable here at sourceforge (many thanks for that cool service), provides software GPL and other free styles that are used in the GNU Linux environment. We do not violate the GPL, we provide the source files here: If we have a GPL problem, please give us a hint.

The "Altimate cppdaemon" is actual closed source, because the daemon provides security functions to check the system and proofs our business professional lisence. The daemon does not communicate directly, without an open-source system/program between the outside world (no calling home). Automatic updates, ordering in the shop or using our "Firewall rules portal", no direct cppdaemon <--> outside connection.